Pokemon Go


Remember that April fool’s joke Google pulled a while ago? Who would’ve thought it’d be such a major phenomenon. I started playing Pokemon Go a coupla’ days after it came out and boy am I addicted! You will be too, and if you’re not, its high time you join the bandwagon. I’m a newly minted 30 year old, with my child-at-heart and I-won’t-grow-up tendencies in overdrive so thats probably why I’m nuts about the game right now(?), and I’ll tell you why this is SUCH a great addition to my daily routine. (I wish I talked about exercising this way)

1. Bonding time with your Significant Other!

The husband and I are charting out elaborate Pokemon hunting plans and evolution strategies and are spending hours together walking around to catch these cute li’l critters. I gotta admit, that we’re mostly bonding over our frustration when the app freezes, but any bonding is good bonding, no? Also, I get the warmest hugs when I lose a high level CP Pokemon or when something upsetting happens. Bear hugs in the cold, foggy San Franciscan nights are a BIG deal you guys!

2. Exercise

If you are a lazy bum like me, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about going to or training at gyms. Also, you need to walk to hatch some eggs that might contain a rare Pokemon, and that pushed me to get off my couch and walk around and sweat it out. Also, I’ve found some wonderful spots in my neighborhood which I didn’t even know existed. More content for my IG feed y’all.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.27.29 PM.png

3. SO many new friends!

This game facilitates a ton of social interaction amongst introverts and that’s amazing! I’m usually the silent type who’d much rather stay away from crowds and not be amidst loud people who talk too much extroverts. The other day, I was at the university, dropping lures and waiting for some Pokemon to show up and I can’t say much for Pokemon appearing, but a bunch of people started gathering at the lures. We chanced upon a Pikachu and in an instant, 15 strangers were cheering each other on and frantically resorting to throwing curve balls with index fingers to catch the li’l guy; and we were talking like we’re old friends. I never knew social gatherings to be more fun!


4. Nostalgia, hello!

As a kid, I remember that red cartridge I put into my Gameboy and this game brings back all those memories. There’s nothing like a good dose of nostalgia to get your spirits up and I love how Pokemon Go does that; and the entire augmented reality aspect of it is so exciting!

5. The endless marketing possibilities!!

You can’t expect me to be a marketer and not think of all the creative ways in which businesses could use this app as an aide to boost business or spread buzz. With the app’s user base exceeding that of Twitter, there’s no question it makes for some good real estate for ads, but I’m loving seeing creative ways local businesses are using it to come up with some creative guerilla marketing tactics. Yelp has already started adding a search filter for restaurants that gives you results based on whether theres a Pokestop nearby. I’ve also seen a coupla’ local bars and eateries handing out some cool incentives to PoGo trainers and making most of foot traffic.!

I’m sure as with any game, there are downsides to this also (phone battery life and app crashes aside). Once life’s priorities take over, I might spend lesser time with it, but whilst its still fresh, fun and an active part of our daily routines, lets enjoy the madness 🙂