Mural Mania

Wrapping up a couple of small design projects this week! For some reason, Hyderabad seems to be smitten with contemporary art. The team at Plan has been working on two spaces. One, a cozy coffee shop at the Jubilee Hills Club in Hyderabad named Blend, and the other – a TV channel’s office space. Two very different spaces with contrasting character.

Blend Coffee, Jubilee Hills:

Concept – A contemporary doodle. We had a real fun talk with the visionaries at Blend and they wanted Plan to come up with a quirky, modern and fun doodle to go on one of the central walls that forms the coffee shop’s boundary. After a lot of designs which had us representing coffee beans and everything coffee in different ways, the clients finally came up with a suggestion that was very different, and not the least bit “I’m a coffee shop”.

The Blend guys wanted something very ‘youthful’, to cater to their customer demographic and that’s when we came up with this abstract design. Five days of hard work (manual labor), some eco-friendly paint and a coupla’ sleepless nights and voila, Blend has a sweet new artsy wall.


2. Hyderabad Local News Channel TV5’s office space:


TV5 is a local news channel in Hyderabad that wanted us to use very graffiti-esque typography with neon colors to create a ‘motivational mural’ for their creative department. With 3 days to come up with a design and execute it, this was one of our all-nighter projects. Good thing is that the client (TV5) wanted a very very minimalistic design with more of inspirational quotes on walls than graphical representations of all things motivational; and what you see above is what we came up with. The only bummer is that I was low on phone battery and nobody carried a camera, so we couldn’t really get a proper picture of the completed mural. We’ll probably request the client to have us drop in one of these days and take a good picture of the space 🙂

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