A very Portal themed Save the Date

So, the boy and I are getting hitched this year end on the 28th of
December, and I’ve been thinking of some quirky invite that defines our personalities.

My first instinct was to do things the normal clichéd way. Take a picture of us on the beach, meadow or what-have-you, holding up a save the date board and then photoshop in some text with all the deets. But, but, but, we hit a snag.

The boy works in San Francisco and I was living the happy life in India, so a pre-wedding photo shoot was not possible. This is where me being an architect came in handy. This mighty profession mightn’t really fetch me the moolah, but it sure does help me save some on paying a designer, and not to mention, just designing something, even something as small as a biz card, gives you a high 🙂

Anyway, ranting and digressing aside, I came up with this invite and thought I’d put it up online, so people who’re looking for some fun save-the-date ideas can use this as inspiration.

Let me quickly detail out what my scope and constraints for this project were like:

  • It had to be “non-girly” so the boy can share it with his friends, without complaining about how much pink there is in the card *rolls eyes*
  • Had to somehow convey the wedding venue details and be a reflection of our personalities
  • The boy and I share a common love for video games and he popped the question when we were playing Portal 2, so I really wanted the invite to have a very strong portal theme 🙂
  • It had to be something that could be designed in a jiffy and I really didn’t have the bandwidth to create too many complicated images

So after a million re-iterations, here’s what I came up with:

Portal themed wedding Invite

Portal themed Save the Date

The background is basically a blueprint of one of the projects I’m working on and kind of adds some character to an otherwise plain grey BG without being too harsh on the eyes. The portal icons, I recreated in Adobe Illustrator. Added some elements like dimension lines and the XML tags to define the both of us and our profession.

We basically used this to send out email and Facebook invites and this is how it fit on the event page. The image measures 815×315 px and this is how it looks on the event page and as a post:

Portal themed Save the Date

How it looked as the Facebook Event’s cover picture

Easy Portal themed wedding Invite

Screenshot of how it shows up as a post on Facebook

Funnily, this one invite made my architectural firm’s door ring and we had a lot of our friends requesting us to create Save the Dates for them. I guess my graphic design career is taking off now!

I know I did a lot of web browsing for Portal themed invites and couldn’t find anything that was easy to design. I’m hoping this one would provide some kind of inspiration for others like me, looking to design something fast without having to invest too much in a digital drawing tablet 🙂

Thats all for now!

Yalla bye

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