Borderlands 2: To OP or not to OP?

I’ve been a major major Borderlands fan ever since I started playing the game. I’m very picky about games and I consider finding that one perfect game to play almost equal to finding a soulmate. Or maybe I’m just a crazy nerd who finds way too much comfort in virtual reality. So, this post is basically my experience OP-ing it up in Borderlands 2.

First off, there’s just way too much confusion about what OP is in Borderlands 2. Initially, when the game released, you had a normal play-through which let you get to level 25-30 and then you had to play it in True Vault Hunter Mode (TVHM) to get to level 50. 2K Games then increased the level cap and let you go up till level 61, if you purchased the Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 1 (Included in the Season Pass). Then, they introduced the Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2 (which costs $4.99) that raises your level cap to 72 and offers over powered levels.

Once you purchase this content, a new area called “Digistruct Peak” should appear on your fast-travel. You can play the game in UVHM, and do quests and all to get from Level 61 to 72 in the regular manner. Once you get to level 72, you go to the Digistruct peak and finish the challenge, which is basically fighting enemies in a stupidly HUGE arena. Once you finish a round at lvl 72, you unlock Overpowered Level 1.

Once you gain an OP level, make sure you exit the game, log back in and increase the difficulty and then begin the next round. You go on doing this 7 more times till you beat the enemy waves in the arena and you’re OP8! Doing this challenge is extremely frustrating and dying a million times just makes  it even worse. Also, with each round, you have to have guns/gear scaled to that level and the enemy drop rates during the challenge are abysmal. you’ll only get some random stupid green guns from enemies. The only way to get a decent-ish gun is to spend your Eridium to generate loot chests in the arena. You’ll gain access to these chest-spawning junctions in the middle and the ends of the rounds. This is best done with more players, or atleast that’s what I feel. Its way too overwhelming to complete the levels solo.

Ok, so back to the big question. Should you or shouldn’t you even bother getting to OP8?

The only reason I did it, was to use my OP8 Sandhawks, a friend traded with me 🙂 Also, there are a bunch of gamers who’re doing a crazy number of legendary infinity drops in the game and mostly all the loot they drop is OP8. So I kinda’ got excited picking up some of this loot and really really wanted to use them, so had to go through the ordeal of getting to OP8. So if you’re like me and are stuck with legendaries you can’t use unless you have advanced to a higher level, you SHOULD do the digistruct peak challenge.

Another pro to OP8 is that when you get back to normal gameplay, you can choose to scale down the difficulty level of the game. I found this to lead to a less stressful gameplay, especially when you’re running solo. I love playing solo and its just so much less stressful beating the super badass bosses like Terramorphous and Hyperius when they’re somewhat scaled down a coupla’ levels.
Also, I have some decent legendary and seraph gear and am not looking to farm anymore, so being OP8 and playing lower level enemies feels so good!

If anyone needs help, and an extra player (I play the Siren) getting through the digistruct peak, I’d love to help out. My xbox gamertag is neuwin.

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