Oh gosh, its the new warlord.

The boy was playing FIFA street soccer today and I couldn’t help but notice that the game has some pretty sweet music tracks playing in the background. Such a clever way to market music artists, no?

Anyway, so M.I.A‘s Boyz started playing and it just made me wonder how underrated that woman is. I mean, yeah, her music is acclaimed, but in my side of the world, with all the people going nuts over the annoyingly crass Nicki Minajs and incredibly dumb Taylor Swifts, it makes me wonder why some really talented artists are never appreciated as much as these guys are.

Paper Planes was what made me really check out M.I.A and her music trove. Kala’s one of her really cool albums. Almost all the tracks are amazing. I love how she brings together indian folksy tunes, RnB and electronic beats; and chalks up lyrics that talk about political issues in her own candid, yet profound way.

Also really cool, is her single called ‘Bad Girls’. Its a fun song to listen to when working out and I find that it sets the perfect tempo for a warm-up routine on le treadmill. So if you’re a person who likes tapping away those feet to some differently put together, entertaining music, you have to check her out.

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